Really nice vegan milk chocolate by veganz


Vegan milk chocolate, yeah, sure. But seriously, after one thousand and one disappointments, there is now a really nice, mainstream-compatible chocolate. Vegan chain veganz offers, under its own private label brand, the „mylk chocolates“, with varieties „Pure“ and „Fruity Quinoa“.

Both are based on coconut (coconut sugar, dried coconut and coconut milk powder). They are quite sweet, but have much more depth, character and creaminess than the usual chocolates based on rice sugar. They tend a bit towards the Ombar raw chocolates with coconut sugar – but they are much cheaper. And they even carry the EU organic label.

One bar (80 g) costs comparably civilized 2,59 Euro. Currently, you can only get them at the veganz markets, but we think that you can really hope for them to be listed at DM, Edeka and the other retail partners.


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