Vegan ice cream review: Eisbande in Hamburg


The „Eisbande“ ice cream shop in Hamburg has become the go-to place for vegans, shortly after its opening in 2007. On a nice summer day, you only need to spend a little time there and will meet most of the vegan scene and have nice talks under the influence of most delicious ice cream. Eisbande has kept up its advantage towards the competition ever since.
For me, ice cream is an important part of culture. Wherever I am, I try to deepen and extend my cultural education. I research the local blogs and magazines and plan routes in such a way that I can test the most important offerings. I have driven through Los Angeles for hours to test Scoops and KindCreme (well, they are okay..), and tried all the recommended and many more ice cream shops in Havana, Rome, Madrid, London, Tel Aviv, Osaka, Tokyo, New York, Brussels, Paris and many more small and big cities. But still, Eisbande remains my favorite place, due to its exceptionally perfect ice cream.
Eisbande is located in the very center of the hip Schanzenviertel neighborhood of _Hamburg. It offers a wide choice of vegan ice cream based on soy, oat and coconut milk. All varieties are of highest quality. They are absolutely creamy, and this for a long time. That is not common among vegan ice cream. Many are quite hard for a long time, and then more to “watery” in next to no time. Not at the Eisbande. Here, the ice cream is perfect and remains perfect till you finish it all.
There are a few classics that are available all the time: Schniggers, Mousse au Chocolat, Cheesecake. Additionally, many classical or innovative varieties come and go throughout the day. Turnover is high here.
There are also milkshakes, spagetti ice cream and all kinds of special arrangements – every single choice of the menue is available vegan.
One scoop costs 1.40 Euro, which is standard for Hamburg. If you want, you can have it in a vegan waffle.


10.0 Awesome

Eisbande - this is perfection in vegan ice cream and an absolute reference.

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