Veggie Specials: For profit vegan & organic food sharing


There is a new player in the competitive market of vegan and organic food online retail: Veggie Specials marekts limited quantities of special food offers at extremely low prices.

The current range consists of bread spreads and creams from Viana and tempeh from Kato. Veggie Specials promises to expand their range quickly. The shop can be found at

Founder Matthias Beuger explains his business idea with long-time experience in the organic food sector and with NGOs: Relevant succcess in these fields can only be achieved when mobilising a mainstream audience. Within the German food market, this means to be offer extremely low prices.

Veggie Specials found that food waste is not only a topic of the conventional food sector. Also in the organic sector, many food items never reach a consumer. Matthias Beuger: „Business partners are getting bancrupt, contracts are broken or customers buy more green than pink chocolate unicorns. In these situations, even the fest organic products can be out of demand.“

Veggie Specials wants to combine these topics and sell organic food products from European productions to extremely low prices. This way, manufacturers can still sell the products that they made with so much love and work. And customers can save money, and customer groups that would normally never buy such products due to their price can now be reached as well. „This is a democratization of the slightly elitit topics vegan and organic“, says Matthias Beuger.

Veggie Sepcials ships for free from 30 Euro within Germany, and will also deliver to all destinations within the European Union.


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