Vegan Ice Cream review: Luicella’s in Hamburg


The onboard magazine of my favorite airline reported about great new ice cream parlours, among them “Luicella’s” in Hamburg. That must be great, I thought, when from all the ice cream places in the world, they decide to write about this one in Hamburg. And the founder Markus Deibler was even quoted: “For us, vegan is not a niche market any more”.I was a bit anxiluicella-singleous due to the Hipster alarm bells ringing in my head (they offer varieties such as banana-basil, Parmesan, goat cheese and cheesecake-Guinness-tiramisu). But anyways, less than 24 hours later I was at the place.
There, I was immediately disappoointed. The vegan varieties where: chocolate and peanut. Period. But the nice sales girl was cheerfully offering the special vegan waffle. The two scoops cost a normal 1.40 Euro each.
Another test a few days later was even more sad: Apart form a few sorbets, there was only one vegan choice: Banana.
The ice cream was okay, but missing any kind of character. Chocolate tasted of dark cacao, peanut quite sweet with a mixed-in peanut flavour. Banana tasted of banana flavouring. I missed any creamy aspects, it was a bit too watery. It was not a totally bad ice cream, it could remind you of the store-bought “Das Eis” and “veganz” brands.
Luicella’s did not meet expecations you would have towards an ambitious place for fresh Ice cream.

4.0 Not so great

„Radically different than the competition“, that is what I was promised when reading about Luicella’s. This was true, but not in a good way.
However, at least the service is absolutely cheerful and offered a vegan waffle.

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